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Sound Bites Sampler offers free chamber music and more at Nevins Theater

The MostArts Festival offers audiences a chance to get up close and personal with performances by the Festival’s international orchestra and return appearances the Festival’s Young Pianists Competition, such as 18-year-old Carey Byron, who will perform Saint-Saens’ Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 22.

Those performances take place in the intimate surroundings of Alfred University’s Miller Theater, but MostArts audiences also have the opportunity of hearing the Festival’s musicians in even smaller gatherings, notably in the chamber music series “Sound Bites Sampler.”

The afternoon performances Monday through Friday during the MostArts week of July 23-29 are free and held in Nevins Theater of the Powell Campus Center at noon each day.

Box lunches are available for audiences, along with snacks from local vendors, such as Honey Pot Chocolates. Local residents and visitors can drop by Powell Campus Center for lunch and a peaceful interlude of classical music, and the performances are an unparalleled opportunity for lovers of classical music to bask in its intimate beauty.

People less familiar with classical music but who are interested in nurturing their musical ear will also find these performances unusually accessible, friendly and entertaining.

Along with box lunches and Honey Pot Chocolates, other snacks are available, such as MostArts Maestro Yuval Zaliouk’s Almondina cookies. Festival merchandise and tickets may also be purchased at tables set up outside Nevins Theater


What could be a better break in the day than a delicious lunch paired with a great musical performance?