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Alfred University professor Meg Bernstein participates at conference in England

Meg Bernstein, assistant professor of art history, participated in a conference at the University of York (England) June 26-27, 2023. Bernstein also wrote an article published recently in Studies in Iconography.

Bernstein and Line M. Bonde from the National Museum of Denmark presented a talk at a two-day conference titled "The Medieval Church: From Margins to Centre" held at the University of York. The paper Bernstein presented was titled “Sculpting the Margins in Danish and English Parish Churches: Looking Across the North Sea.”

National silos have historically prevented sustained collaboration between scholars of parochial art and architecture across Europe. Line and Meg's paper “showed that the North Sea region is a fruitful space for comparative analysis and presented sculptural approaches to the concept of monstrous motherhood in England and Denmark.”

Bernstein’s article in Studies in Iconography was titled "A Knightly Family’s Social Network: Sculpting Alliances at the Church of St. Peter, Cogenhoe" The paper examines the sculptural program in the nave of St. Peter, Cogenhoe (Northamptonshire), a parish church patronized over at least two centuries by the knightly Cogenhoe family.