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For 32nd consecutive year, Alfred University named on Princeton Review ‘Best Colleges’ list

The Princeton Review has released its 2024 Best 389 Colleges and, for the 32nd straight year, Alfred University appears on the list. Alfred University has been honored by the Princeton Review each year since the publication released its first Best Colleges list in 1992.

Princeton Review publishes the Best Colleges list each year, using data from more than 2,000 colleges and universities nationwide. School selected for the list represent just 14 percent of all four-year colleges and universities in the country. The publication said it selects honored institutions based on “our high opinion of their academics.” Other factors it considers include admissions, tuition and financial aid, student body, campus life, and job placement/careers.

Princeton Review 2024 Best 389 Colleges

In addition to using hard data to formulate its list, the Princeton Review considers testimonials from students. The report’s profile on Alfred characterizes the University “a small school with an impressive range of world-class majors.”

Surveyed students from Alfred pointed to the variety of academic offerings, and the ease with which students can change majors or take courses outside their major; an “outstanding and dedicated faculty,” small class sizes; the “sense of community” on campus and the variety of extracurricular offerings.

Students also cited the University’s “warm” atmosphere, saying, “You can’t go down the street without receiving a smile.” Students are “friendly, outgoing, and involved,” and many do community service work and are active in one of Alfred’s many clubs or organizations. According to the students surveyed, most believe that “everyone finds their own little niche,” but they appreciate that it “definitely does not mean they stay there—you are allowed to float between everything.” In fact, “more often than not, you’ll see engineers rubbing elbows with philosophy majors and artists chilling with math and chemistry majors.”

Alfred’s “beautiful,” “small” campus and its “somewhat rural location” are big draws for students looking for a quieter academic experience with a strong “sense of community.”

“There are so many clubs and options that you can find something to do,” students added, and “every sports team is supported, and superfans are at every event.”