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Alfred University honors students’ mentors at Board of Trustees dinner

Alfred University recently recognized two high school teachers who students said had served as important mentors in their lives. The teachers and the students were honored at a Board of Trustees dinner held Friday evening, Oct. 20.

Mentorship is one of Alfred University’s three core values—the other two being intersections and inclusivity—and Friday’s event celebrated Alfred’s longstanding tradition of promoting mentorship on campus. Students have been asked to identify important mentors in their lives, with the University then inviting mentors to join their mentees on campus to be recognized.

At Friday’s Board meeting, Delia Logan, a fist-year student from Hornell, NY, was joined by Kathy Flint, her chemistry teacher at Hornell High School. Natalee Collins, a first-year student from Waterville, NY, was accompanied at the dinner by Tamatha Picolla, an English teacher at Waterville High School.

Flint first taught Delia in ninth grade.  Delia immediately took to Flint’s method of teaching and enjoyed every challenge with which she was presented.  Delia had a couple favorite projects including tie dye and said chemistry was one of her favorite classes.

Natalee Collins and Tamatha Picolla, mentorship

First-year student Natalee Collins (center) with her high school AP English teacher, Tamatha Picolla (right), and Mark Zupan, Alfred University president.

Picolla was Natalee's seventh grade English teacher and her AP English teacher at Waterville High School and served as a mentor to Natalee in many ways, including helping her prepare for college.  Whether it was help writing her college essays, needing a letter of recommendation, or just needing some advice, Picolla was the one Natalee could always count on.