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Alums, Professor Sarah Blood gather in Richmond

Alfred University Associate Professor of Light Sarah Blood recently joined numerous alumni at a meeting of the Neon Makers Guild in Richmond, VA. The event was hosted by Chloe Kottwitz ’01 in her newly acquired studio, Uptown Neon in Richmond.

 Blood says the meeting was the first post-pandemic meeting of the Neon Makers Guild, an organization dedicated to the preservation of the craft of neon. NMG provides community, support and resources to professional neon makers.

“These gatherings are an important opportunity for the members to connect and share knowledge,” Blood writes. “It was also an opportunity for other alums to come together and celebrate Chloe Kottwitz taking over the ownership and running of the commercial sign business Uptown Neon, which has a long and rich history in Richmond, VA.

Alfred University alumni attending the gathering included: Kottwitz, Jacob Willco ’21, Ali Feeney ’15, James Akers ’15, Erin Hoffman ’20, Ames Palms ’95, Liz Peet Thackray, Adam Taylor ’19, Jen Eleck ’94, Raya Friday ’07, and Jeremy Bert ‘94.