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Alfred University dance professor Colleen Wahl publishes paper on choreographing in an icosahedron

Colleen Wahl, assistant professor of dance at Alfred University, has published a new research paper in the journal Laser that focuses on intersections of math and art.

The paper—titled “An Icosahedron for Two: a Many-Sided Look at Making a Duet”—describes Wahl's research of human movement based on the geometric form the icosahedron, which was transformed into a duet set on two Alfred University students and performed in the 2023 AU Dance Theater concert. The research references intersections of art, geometry, and philosophy and explores how movement helps us navigate and move through changing relationships in life.

Wahl states in the paper’s abstract: “The space around our bodies is not empty or neutral. In fact, the space around our bodies is loaded with meaning and important. When we move through it, whether it be in our daily lives or a choreographer making specific choices in order to convey a message, we activate new understandings in our lives. As a dancer and choreographer, I created a duet from improvisational climbs on an icosahedron. This article discusses choreographing from the form icosahedron and connects Laban's theories of space harmony with the activation of meaning in my life.”