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Work by sculpture professor Coral Lambert, alumni, included in exhibition in Memphis

Coral Lambert, professor of sculpture at Alfred University, and a pair of Alfred University B.F.A. alumni, have work included in the exhibition, “Branching Out,” currently on view at the National Metals Museum in Memphis, TN.

Lambert, along with Paige Henry ’10 and Julie Slattery ’14, were invited to include their sculpture works in “Branching Out,” which opened Feb. 18 and remains on view through Sept. 8, 2024.

The Exhibition showcases the art of casting from a variety of perspectives and lineages of shared knowledge. Visitors will discover intricate connections between students, teachers, and casting communities, which branch out much like a family tree.

The Metal Museum curatorial selected specific artists and works to present how casting knowledge is shared and advanced through the process of making. The exhibited works, cast by talented individuals in foundries nationwide, reveal a network of artists linked by their shared training. Explore the traces of learning lineages in the artists' works that create a narrative spanning time and place.