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Daisy Wu completes musical arts residency in Minnesota

Zhongbei Daisy Wu, master of the guzheng and clinical associate professor of music and language at Alfred University, concluded an enriching musical arts residency at Carlton College and the Twin Cities of Minnesota. The five-day residency, from Feb. 14-18, included four concert performances, a lecture, and a master class.

The Music Department of Carlton College, located in Northfield, MN, and its Nason Distinguished Women Lecture program, invited Wu to deliver a lecture titled “East and West: A Female Cultural Communicator” to students and faculty on Feb. 14. She shared her personal journey as a musician from China, her experiences as a professor at Alfred University, and her role as a cultural bridge between East and West. Later that evening, Wu conducted a master class on guzheng, a traditional Chinese stringed instrument, for the Carlton College’s Chinese Ensemble students.

woman with long hair on stage giving a lecture
Daisy Wu presents a lecture at Carlton College in Northfield, MN

Wu was featured as a soloist alongside renowned erhu master Zhu Changyao and pipa master Gao Hong at Carlton College’s Chinese Ensemble Winter Concert on February 18th. Additionally, she collaborated with Zhu Changyao, Gao Hong, and the Carlton College Chinese Ensemble for a pre-concert performance at the Minnesota Orchestra’s 2024 Lunar New Year Concert on February 17 in Minneapolis.

In collaboration with International Friendship Through the Performing Arts, Wu participated in the “World Music Fusion” concert at the University of Hamline in St. Paul on February 16th. The event brought together world-class musicians from across four continents, including Emmy Award-winning Vietnamese đàn tranh master Van-Ahn Vo, erhu master Zhu Changyao, pipa master Gao Hong and the Speaking in Tongues Ensemble.

On Feb. 15, Wu, along with Zhu Changyao and Gao Hong, played at the “Gao Hong and Friends” concert at the Schubert Club in St. Paul. Their performance garnered attention from local media, with Minnesota's leading newspaper, the Pioneer, praising Wu’s “remarkable musical ability” and highlighting her captivating rendition of “Dragon Boat.”

Wu expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with world-class musicians from diverse backgrounds. “I am honored to have had this incredible musical experience at Carlton College and the Twin Cities of Minnesota,” she remarked. “Returning to Alfred University, I am thrilled to share my experiences and performance videos with my AU classes, knowing that they serve as sources of encouragement and inspiration for my students.”