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MARISOL production members participate in Kennedy Center American Collegiate Theatre Festival

Members of the production team for Alfred University’s theatrical production of MARISOL attended the Kennedy Center American Collegiate Theatre Festival (KCACTF)/Region 2 Festival 56, held Jan. 24-27 in Pittsburgh, PA.

MARISOL, staged on campus last fall by the Alfred University Theatre Department, was a participating entry into the KCACTF. Six students who participated in the production— Deanna Saliva, Tristan Duhan, Steph Vargas, Em Sexsmith, Luke Piazza, and Oleh Zhuk—were recognized by the festival. The students attended the KCACTF Conference in Pittsburgh, accompanied by Randy Wachtel, clinical professor of practice in production management in Alfred University’s Division of Performing Arts and production manager and show director for MARISOL.

At the conference, students had the opportunity to audition for scholarships and give design presentations to a panel of working professionals from the industry. In addition to the individual audition and presenter opportunities, students were provided three full days of workshops and an evening of theatrical productions from other colleges.