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Arts Student Announcements March 27

Announcements, Opportunities, & Resources for students, faculty and staff in the School of Art & Design + Performing Arts Division.


Glass Search Candidate #3 public presentation Tuesday, March 28, 4:30pm BMH 106

Seniors: Sign up for studio visits with Caitlin Brown. spend 15-20 minutes in your studio or working space for #wip photos and short video clips for behind the scenes video and social media; wherever you are in your process. Spring 2022 video

MFA: Thesis preparation Online Checklist Confirm Gallery talk times with gallery, exhibition partners and Caitlin Brown. Submit Arts Events Form with exhibition information 2 weeks prior to exhibition opening for inclusion in weekly email, social media and other platforms.

Advising Week & Fall 2023 Registration:

  • Consider Classes in the Performing Arts: Join an ensemble or take private lessons! All Performing Arts Classes are open to all; beginning to advanced, in Dance, Music, Performance Design & Technology, and Theatre.
  • Looking for resume builders, exhibition experience or professional practices? Register for Exhibition Design, the Business of Art or join the Turner Gallery Internship. Find on the job training as a member of the Arts Communications Team (ART 385 internship). The team is looking for content creators, designers, photographers, videographers, and event planners.


Judson Leadership Center Women's Leadership Academy - the JLC is still taking applications for next year's Women's Leadership Academy. This is open to students of ALL gender identities who are interested in a curricular and experiential leadership program. Any student is eligible for the WLA as long as they are NOT graduating before spring 2024. Applications are due April 1, 2023. Apply



  • IDEA Lab Proposals Apply
  • Upheaval Book Club March 31, 12pm
  • Multicultural Kitchen April 7, 11:20am
  • A solo show by Leo Bonaccio April 14 -23
  • International Drum Circle April 22, 10:30am


  • Computer Studio HH 517 Hours for currently enrolled SOAD students
    Sunday 12-6, Monday 5-10, Tuesday 5-8, Wednesday 5-10, Thursday 5-7, Friday 5-8, Saturday 4-6
    *in addition to regular M-F 8-5 **Subject to change based on monitors and school closings
  • Drop In Advising Hours for 1st year arts students with Betsy Kent. Wednesdays 10am-2pm in the Art Office

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