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Arts Faculty Search Candidate Public Lectures

Arts Faculty Search candidates will give public lectures. Students, faculty, staff and the public are encouraged to attend.



  • 22-Apr 3:30pm Candidate # 2 Olin #302
Celebrating Roots/Growing New Branches As artists, we are assemblages of influences from our pasts and presents. Our creative practices are constantly refined – and sometimes redefined – by what we see, hear, and experience in our lives. In this presentation, the candidate will share a bit about their creative roots of origin and will discuss their professional scholarship, teaching, and administrative practices, focusing on ways in which collaboration has shaped their life as a performer, teacher, researcher, and arts advocate. 
  • 25-Apr 4:30pm Candidate # 3 Olin #302
What If the Audience Writes the Show?: Engagement, play, and co-creation of interactive performance  The candidate will discusses interactive performance creation with examples taken from their recent works. These works, performed nationally and internationally, merge the disciplines of dance, music, theatre, computer science, and forestry. In each, audience members play an integral part in driving the story and creating the performance.