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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

The Confucius Institute at Alfred University will host the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration on Monday, September 20th 6-8 pm in the front of the Confucius House (10 Park St. Alfred). 

AU students, faculty staff, and community members are all welcomed to join this free outdoor event to explore the Chinese calligraphy, Tai Chi, the Chinese instrument Guzheng and enjoy the mooncakes! The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday. It is also known as Moon Festival. It started three thousand years ago. The festival originates from an old legend where a man celebrates his wife’s ascent to the moon after drinking elixir that produces immortality. The festival happens on the 15th day of August according to the lunar calendar. People eat moon cakes, watch the brightest full moon of the year, celebrate the harvest and enjoy family reunion.