MFA Thesis Exhibitions

spring 2020

Candidates for MFA degrees in Ceramic Art, Electronic Integrated Arts, Painting, and Sculpture/Dimensional Studies are featured in a series of culminating thesis exhibitions.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, exhibitions were very limited viewing in-person. To accommodate, we put together an Online Catalog below for you to view from the comfort of your own space. 

In addition, there was also a group exhibition that took place in the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery in the Fall of 2020.

Online Catalog

Brittany Dias

Ceramic Art

My sculptural practice embodies personal psychological and physical experiences, bridging the connections between the interior and exterior body, public and private space, and vulnerability. The essences of events or moments,...

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Lauren Havel

Alfred-Düsseldorf Painting

A girl on her knees is puking in an alley; her friend holds her hair. A disk jockey is blasting sick beats unaware of the chaos that ensues on the dance floor. A lone soul basked in solitude by light from a motel pool. A group...

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Erin Hoffman

Sculpture-Dimensional Studies

Erin Hoffman is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus in glass. Ideas of language and technology in our continually developing digital culture are explored in her work. She is interested in the complexity surrounding...

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Teisha Holloway

Sculpture-Dimensional Studies

I was born into a nomadic military lifestyle. This means that in my household there was constantly a shifting dynamic of power structures and domestic roles as well as place and culture. This led to feelings of isolation and...

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Sam Horowitz

Sculpture-Dimensional Studies

Sam Horowitz (b. 1988, Vermont) is a sculptor, educator, and pseudo-scientist working in Western New York. Horowitz holds degrees from Alfred University (MFA, 2020) and Bard College (BA, 2010), and has exhibited in solo and...

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Jing Huang

Ceramic Art

If the distance between China and North America is 7723 km, then what is the distance between the previous me and the current me? If there are 12 hours between home and here, what time is it now? When a new life meets an old...

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Hiromi Kanada

Ceramic Art

Balance is an essential concept in my life. Transitioning from Japan to the United States in my mid-teens seeded my curiosity in art as a new method for exploring, expressing, and communicating. Since then, I explored several...

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Taylor Keister

Alfred-Düsseldorf Painting

I am using installation in painting to develop narratives and abstract storylines about the tangibility and or misinterpretation of presence. Speaking to the temporality of people and place, I am highlighting the overlooked to...

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Ara Koh

Ceramic Art

I speak Korean, English, and Clay. My studio practice is a form of translation. Working with clay is a vehicle for memory, honesty, reflection. I translate the invisible and the amorphous into something visible and solid. A...

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Paloma Kop

Electronic Integrated Arts

My thesis work investigates the borderlands between material space(time) and electronic space(time). What spaces — real or virtual — are we in, and how do ways of image-making inform our concepts of them? My...

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Haley Nannig

Alfred-Düsseldorf Painting

My art practice is a marriage between my interest in the materiality and possibilities of painting and the evolving relationships humans have with the natural world. My goal is to question the long history of depicting nature...

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Leslie Rollins

Electronic Integrated Arts

My artist practice explores liminal space and documents psycho-ecologies experienced while interacting with non-human and human energies. Invocation and response to other actants offers a shared space which acknowledges full...

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Jamie Rose

Sculpture-Dimensional Studies

There is a severe lack of love in most of our lives; a quiet tragedy that is the root cause of many societal issues. Love, or a lack thereof, is a difficult topic to discuss because the word itself has been so misused, watered...

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Edward Salas

Alfred-Düsseldorf Painting

Edward Salas is NYC based artist exploring the intersections of constructed culture and authenticity. His work references religious iconography and Latin American folklore as a method to create hybrid idols. Throughout his...

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Joshua Schutz

Ceramic Art

The three dimensional form of my sculptures are subverted by flamboyant surface applications. Often using reinterpreted patterns, I wonder how close one must be to the pattern before my mark becomes legible and whether the...

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Denise Wakeman

Sculpture-Dimensional Studies

My work explores the tenuous mind-body connection through the use of bodily and technological imagery. I am interested in exploring our sense of embodied self and internal psychological processes/experiences regarding self-...

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Gongzhuo Wang

Electronic Integrated Arts

I'm a Printmaker, Video Artist, and Graphic Designer. In the past few years, I explored the relationship between nature through living things, human behavior, and technology. Expressions of the natural world, which are based on...

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Kirstin Willders

Ceramic Art

My work is concerned with structures, the sacred, the senses, and the sublime. I utilize architectural foundation as an entry point to invisible structures, including social constructs, personal identity, notions of...

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ChengOu Yu

Ceramic Art

The pot as an icon/sign that holds the history it carries, the meaning it contains and the concept It potentially delivers – the influence of the pot is significant in my practice. I use symbolic form to unfold and...

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Qinxuan Zhang

Electronic Integrated Arts

Cityscape is the new landscape, which always fascinates me a lot since these two years. Because I realize how it impacts on me, whether the impact is potentially or obviously, it has a strong power to let people perceive its...

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Francesco Gattuso

Alfred-Düsseldorf Painting

Drawing on Mediterranean folklore, customs, and mythology along with Abrahamic stories and high fantasy imagery, my work aims to address issues of identity and being “other” within predominantly white spaces...

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