MFA Thesis Exhibit

Leslie Rollins

Electronic Integrated Arts


Artist Statement

My artist practice explores liminal space and documents psycho-ecologies experienced while interacting with non-human and human energies.

Invocation and response to other actants offers a shared space which acknowledges full agency within rituals honoring co-creation of sound, shape, color, and pattern.

Entity and material investigations are further engaged through intuitive improvisations for compositional systems, movement, machines, and performance.

Elemental transmissions are transmuted through a mythic audiovisual language developed to inscribe details of phenomena I’ve encountered during the generation and processing of materials with a toolset including hybrid synthesis, feedback systems, and site-specific field recordings.

Interactions are then further encoded as cartographies within vessels containing previously hidden energetic transmissions--witnessed, gathered, and preserved for future use and contemplation.

Energetic Vessels: Flow-Through Transformation // 2020