MFA Thesis Exhibit

Jamie Rose

Sculpture-Dimensional Studies


Artist Statement

There is a severe lack of love in most of our lives; a quiet tragedy that is the root cause of many societal issues. Love, or a lack thereof, is a difficult topic to discuss because the word itself has been so misused, watered down so greatly that is has lost much of its power. My work aims to address this issue, using various media as visual metaphors.

I am drawn to materials that convey strong dualities: destruction and preservation, beauty and danger, fragility and strength. Glass is inherently beatific and delicate, yet it can endure for thousands of years if left untouched. Materials such as wood, fabric, and foliage convey a sense of time and mortality. They can be burned, frayed, and decompose rapidly. This push-and-pull between materials inspires much of my sculptural work.