MFA Thesis Exhibit

Gongzhuo Wang

Electronic Integrated Arts


Artist Statement

I'm a Printmaker, Video Artist, and Graphic Designer. In the past few years, I explored the relationship between nature through living things, human behavior, and technology.

Expressions of the natural world, which are based on diverse natural materials and forms, model a particular way to compose the work in my thesis. I combined material references of humanity and nature to explore their intimate connections. In this artistic journey, finding an individual language to deeply analyze the different significance that each form of life brings into this world is the compelling part of these investigations.

Drawn to inspiration from two natural forms "animals'' and "plants," has inspired me to re-recognize art, and allowed me to open a way to feel the real situation between how humans coexist with nature. Nature is under pressure by widespread human exploitation, making the existence of natural life more precious than ever before. This way, the concepts of reality and disappearance need our reflection to respond to global climate change and the loss of nature as we have known it.

During these two years, the surrounding natural environment of Alfred has given me the opportunity to be drawn closer to animals and plants. With the emergence of life that has been explored, short, and occasionally profound moments linger in work without beginning or end.

They exist with peace indefinitely and originate with no beginning. The title Itinerant Beginning is implied in each work in the exhibition. Paper as a medium of transition that carries the weight of life with a rough or smooth surface. By collecting some animal hair (Wool) and plant specimens (teasel pods), their lives are reshaped on these carriers that were produced from natural fibers. Indeed, nature and immutability are the two significant elements that appear in the printed works. In the moment of their stillness, they confront our existence on these delicate papers, which leave a suspended presence by the power of their impressions.