BFA Thesis Exhibit

Jordyn Clark


Artist Statement

I want you to stop right where you are in this moment.  
I want you to take a deep breath and look around you.  
Take in everything that is in your own space.  
Gaze past your own personal space. 
Look at the strangers that may be passing you.  
Just stop.  
Feel yourself in this moment, become aware of how you feel about yourself in this moment  
How you feel about the space around you.  
Now, awaken to a moment in space.
Girl walking in winter.. Click to view Girl walking in winter.. Full-Screen

Winter Trek // Lightroom, Photoshop, digital canvas print // 15 x 24 inches

Man playing tennis. Click to view Man playing tennis. Full-Screen

Playing Tennis // Lightroom, Photoshop, digital print // 15 x 24 inches

Girl putting up hair. Click to view Girl putting up hair. Full-Screen

Ready to Work // Paint Tool SAI, digital canvas print // 18 x 24 inches