BFA Thesis Exhibit

Victoria Empson

Artist Statement

I was always captivated by the minds of artists. Everything that they surrounded themselves with inspired them to create. Whether it was nature, architecture, people or pertinent social issues artists would use this inspiration to drive them. So, now I am constantly looking for inspiration everywhere I go. When I realized this important chapter in my life was ending I didn't know what I wanted to say. The only thing I knew is that I wanted to make a lot of memories and to capture mundane moments I wouldn't remember a few days later. During the pandemic I always thought about the dramatic change in the world and how moments are more precious now than ever. When I started to create this project I wanted to show what I saw, what inspired me and what I wanted to inspire in others. However, everyone’s minds don't see the same thing. So, instead I want to know what people actually see in my work. I have closely cropped all of the images so that the viewers’ attention is focused on architecture, nature, and organisms. In this piece I intend to show images where things that normally wouldn't be the same size are. Such as a hand may be the same size as a house. This is what dissociates the viewer from the location that the photos are taken in. Henceforth, allowing them to add their own narrative to the photographs. To further help the viewer create their narrative I included tension and all models are facing away from the camera. This allows the viewer to put anyone they know and even themselves into the narrative.