BFA Thesis Exhibit

Alison Gonzalez


Artist Statement

I am referencing videographers such as Patty Chang, and photographers including Ana Mendieta, Lucas Blalock, and Torbiorn Rodland.

My focus lies in digital photography and video. The work involves the ambiguity of my own identity politics, how the body relates to architectural, cultural or psychological structures, and the abject. It deals with the exploration of the interpersonal connections between the physical world and my character. The performative aspect is centered around my body, as I use it as an investigative tool and as a bridge between environment, object, and the fundamental nature of reality. It is an exercise in understanding how the body fits within the contexts of multiple environments.

This is me projecting my own interpersonal relationship with the physical and the invisible while being connected and influenced by anthroposophic and morphogenic perspective.

The photography involves the discarded. I am often led to areas that are abandoned, embedded into the world as a fossil or memory. The folds and wrinkles of a wet plastic bag become the skin. Pipes are omnipresent looming structures; the veins of a building.

The work at hand romanticizes the abject while de-romanticizing the body. Using digital manipulation, I draw connections between subject matter by means of obscuring or rearranging perspective. The development of these visuals is indicative of the merging between presence, absence, body and space within a multitude of landscapes.