BFA Thesis Exhibit

Kit May


Artist Statement

My artwork and mental states have an uncanny way of intertwining. Each piece in this group of coil-built vessels acts as a timestamp that captures and records the moment of creation fingerprint by fingerprint. Through the use of sound, I turn these fluid, organic volumes into clay resonators. I capture moments of personal introspection that would have otherwise been lost.  
Through the use of clay, I am able to translate my mental states into a physical vessel. The organic, fluid forms reflect the method in which they are built. This consists of the rolling and pressing of coils by hand. The process takes time and commitment in order to better reflect these evolving states. The pieces gain their own life through the emotions present during their birth.  
Even with this new life they remain empty, lacking a voice. When I introduce sound, that emptiness disappears. Electronic waves act as a voice that reverberates through the clay forms. Sound originates from various music genres -- Classic Rock, Grunge, Instrumental -- Then they are altered and distorted to become ambient noise with hints of human voice floating through. When sound and form are working together, they portray moods ranging from light-hearted and euphoric to heavy and dark.

Brain Walkthrough // Duration: 8:04 minutes

Smooth  // Duration: 6:35 minutes