BFA Thesis Exhibit

Milo Timothy Shannon


Artist Statement

This body of work is characterized by strong symbolism, a flowing movement, and a fascination with the cycle of life. It tactfully and beautifully explores what happens to the body after death and how preservation affects this. The prints are distinguished by gestural poses, repetitive mark making, and a wide color palette. Each print depicts an animal intertwined with plants that would grow over a carcass. The sculptural aspects also depict an animal skeleton reconstructed from bone and bronze. The bones used were ethically sourced from roadkill that had been abandoned. Through careful processing, the salvageable bones were cleaned and saved. The broken bones were used to help create bronze prosthetics. The pelt was from a deer who lived in New York. It was shot for meat and processed locally. The pelt was not needed or wanted and was tanned and processed by the artist.
Whitetail Fur Click to view Whitetail Fur Full-Screen

Whitetail // A white tailed deer cape, black dye // 54 x 36 inches