BFA Thesis Exhibit

Briana Shifflett

Artist Statement

On average a human brain processes around the speed of 60 bits per second. It takes time to decide what letters sound like, what letters make the right words, what words make proper sentences, and how that applies to the conversation. My body of work explores that topic by combining ceramics with sound.  
The ceramics are made using pre and post consumer materials by scavenging for materials in studio troughs, waste bins, and forgotten storage. Each piece contains broken pottery, shattered pieces of ceramic, or molds. The sounds consist of a mix between various absent and recognizable noises. Each sound plays between 7-22 minutes long allowing the sounds to alternate what's being played at any given time. Using these techniques together creates a space for the brain to think, listen, and create a new experience every time.

Restructured Monologue  // Ceramic, Glaze, Wooden Stand, Wire, Sound  //  28 x 16 x 70 inches and 0:23:00

Pre-Remnant Whispers // Ceramic, Glaze, Cheese Boxes, Sound // 13 x 13 x 24 inches and 0:21:27

Novacane Faces and Minimum Wages // Ceramic, Glaze, Wooden Stand, Wire, Sound // 6 x 6 x 23 inches and 0:12:23