BFA Thesis Exhibit

Caile Whyte


Artist Statement

555/Limbo/Oblivion OR “If We Pay Attention” 
As a conceptual based artist my work is highly inspired by the emotional states human beings encounter. The consciousness and subconsciousness we obtain, is too complex to be sided, there are multitudes of it all. My work speaks to physical and metaphysical realms, oblivion and the uncertainty we deal with as people. There is a balance to everything in life, full of contradictions and confusion. There is grace and kindness too. Everywhere I’ve gone I’ve created a trail, and everywhere I will go the trail will continue. Allowing myself to look back at my life and reflect on how I’ve lived, loved, been broken down and healed. Grief has caused me to respond in unimaginable ways, thankfully that grief has transferred into compassion.  
    The materials in this body of work are based on my decision to accentuate these phenomenons. My metal sculptures are inspired by a past work titled “Finding Peace”, to emphasize my love for iterations as well as an effort to portray the metaphysical realm lingering around us.  
    My ceramic sculptures are inspired by an older piece, taking on the form and polishing it into a stronger structure. Exaggerating the weight of gravity, transferring the feeling of “being weighed down by the world.” The physical realm gives us much suffering but it also gives us the opportunity to heal and transcend into the metaphysical realm of love. Managed by a boundless infinity of serendipitous moments during our human existence.