MFA Thesis Catalog

spring 2021

Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Turner Gallery, & Online Below

MFA exhibitions were held on campus with limited in-person viewing due to COVID restrictions. Faculty, staff and students in the School of Art & Design were able to visit exhibitions during open hours. Below is an online catalog of graduate student work form the class of 2021.

Online Catalog

Uriel H. Caspi Jr.

Ceramic Art

From early childhood I developed a fascination to clay. I realized that working with clay enlightened me spiritually and emotionally, which in turn influenced my ideas; Clay became the media in which I could express thoughts...

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Marianne Chenard

Ceramic Art

My current art practice articulates itself around a site-specific approach to installation art which evokes the human perceptual relationship with nature and makes plain an attentiveness to the agency of the natural...

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Justin Donofrio

Ceramic Art

Through a ceramic lens, I’m exploring the concept of civilization’s authority over landscape and record of construction as a form of time materialized. The geographical layered strata represent fragments or...

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Lukas Easton

Ceramic Art

Candidates for MFA degrees in Ceramic Art, Electronic Integrated Arts, Painting, and Sculpture/Dimensional Studies are featured in a series of culminating thesis exhibitions.

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Shauna Fahley

Ceramic Art

My work embodies the intersection of both the compounding material and subject, clay and horse. It is not my goal to illustrate the romantic or heroic image of the horse. Instead, I aim to reconfigure the equine icon as a...

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Michael Flora

Electronic Integrated Arts

Michael Masaru Flora is a multidisciplinary artist working within the intersections of art, music, and science. As an artist entangled in an ever shifting set of relationships with materials, human collaborators, energies, and...

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Josh Green

Alfred-Düsseldorf Painting

Hollow Myth The thesis exhibition, “Hollow Myth”, by painting graduate Josh Green which will be in the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery May 1 – 4. Josh will be showing alongside ceramic graduate...

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Rooke Hyde

Sculpture-Dimensional Studies

Rooke Hyde’s work explores the disjunction between the body and self, and how identity is shaped, or distorted, by societal systems. Society has built an environment that erases and deforms queer bodies;...

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Misty Long-Donoho

Sculpture-Dimensional Studies

Through the investigation of my life I have discovered central practices that contribute to my flourishing wellbeing, or what I now call Full Sparkle. The practices of Full Sparkle are connection with community, liberating...

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Tammy McGovern

Electronic Integrated Arts

Candidates for MFA degrees in Ceramic Art, Electronic Integrated Arts, Painting, and Sculpture/Dimensional Studies are featured in a series of culminating thesis exhibitions.

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Erin Smith

Ceramic Art

As the physical and digital worlds increasingly intertwine, through clay and other mediums, I explore the transformations that occur between the two.  Technologies such as scanning and 3D printing find their way into...

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Yunda Sun

Electronic Integrated Arts

In the spring of 2020, I was looking through journals of project proposals and there was one written down in 2017 about the use of cyanotypes to make videos. It was never tested due to the lack of equipment. The project was...

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Sami Tsang

Ceramic Art

Growing up as the youngest child of a conservative Hong Kong family, my voice was not welcomed. The ability to speak faded away. At 12, I moved back to Canada, where a series of traumatic issues were created by the...

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Isabella Uliasz

Electronic Integrated Arts

My thesis work examines how the filters that we look through to see the world — a window, a mirror, a computer screen, the human eye— impact our perceptions of the world and of ourselves as viewers and...

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Kimberly Willcox

Sculpture-Dimensional Studies

Traumatic events and hereditary elements play a role in how our identity and body take shape but, are these factors also inescapable: is our parents' history a prophecy of what will also limit us? I am interested in how the...

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Di Zhu

Electronic Integrated Arts

My work has included video, printmaking, digital prints, motion graphics, interactive art and virtual reality. Working across 2D and 3D modeling, from abstract to concrete, expanding beyond into 3D motion, alternative modes of...

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