MFA Thesis Catalog

spring 2022

Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Turner Gallery, & Online Below

MFA exhibitions from the Division of Ceramic Art (CA), Electronic Integrated Arts (EIA) and Sculpture / Dimensional Studies (SDS) are held on campus.  Painting MFA Alfred/Düsseldorf exhibitions will be held in Germany this spring, and a selection of work will be on view in the summer months in our galleries.

Exhibition receptions will be held on Saturdays from 6-8pm, with the exception of the last exhibition, which will open on Friday. An online catalog of graduate student work is posted here usually a week after commencement.

Online Catalog

Tony Baker

Ceramic Art

Throughout my practice, I have been researching how to express the ways in which environment, culture and society make an impact both internally and externally. I examine the powerful cultural, political, and socio-economic...

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Emma Barnes

Alfred-Düsseldorf Painting

Surface is a topsoil, an epidermal layer inviting us to wonder what is beneath and what came before. Likewise, painting is what we read on the outermost layer, an exterior where we pause to consider the residue of the brush...

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Margeaux Claude

Ceramic Art

Design generates utility, self-expression, and joy, reflecting both culture and the individual creator. I contemplate metaphors of permanence and change through the manipulation of method and materials, namely clay, scagliola,...

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Katie Fee

Ceramic Art

Candidates for MFA degrees in Ceramic Art, Electronic Integrated Arts, Painting, and Sculpture/Dimensional Studies are featured in a series of culminating thesis exhibitions.

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Jackie Head

Ceramic Art

I create wall installations crafted from slip-cast porcelain components that are designed utilizing a myriad of pattern making methods. These installations are reminiscent of wall tapestries, mandalas, quilts, tiles, and...

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Nina Yushan Lai

Alfred-Düsseldorf Painting

Nina Yushan Lai’s painting and printmaking practices use memories as the material to embrace the uniqueness of self through understanding repetition and iteration. Her works reflect her experience as a growing child...

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Siennie Lee

Alfred-Düsseldorf Painting

I have led a relatively comfortable life in South Korea. I attended a well-renowned institution, receiving both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in oriental painting, and was recognized for holding...

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