Andrew Eklund

Dr. Frank Goetz '71 Chair in Chemistry - Dr. Wesley Professor in Chemistry
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


  • BA: College of Wooster, 1993
  • PhD: University of California at Irvine, 1998

Courses Taught

  • General Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Chemistry Seminar
  • Advanced Laboratory

Research, Publications, & Presentations

Research & Publications

  • Kinetics of Olefin Metathesis Reactions Using Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
  • Contributing author for peer-reviewed textbook entitled Chemistry, 1st edition Openstax College, 2015
  • “Cobalt (II) Complex of a Diazoalkane Radical Anion” Bonyhady, S. J.; Goldberg, J. M.; Wedgwood, N.; Dugan, T. R.; Eklund, A. G.; Brennessel, W. W.; Holland, P. L. Inorganic Chemistry 2015, 54, 5148-5150.
  • "An Effective Four Semester Junior/Senior Approach to a Chemistry Seminar Curriculum" Eklund, A. G.*; McGowan, G. J. Journal of Chemical Education 2007, 84, 1299-1300.
  • "Mo-Doped Mesoporous Silica for Thiophene Hydrodesulfurization: Comparison of Materials and Methods" Sorensen, A. C.; Fuller, B. L.; Eklund, A. G.; Landry, C. C Chemistry of Materials 2004, 16, 2157-2164.
  • “Size-Exclusion Chromatography of Low-Molecular Mass Polymers Using Mesoporous Silica” Nassivera, T.; Eklund, A. G.; Landry, C.C. Journal of Chromatography A 2002, 973, 97-101
  • "The Use of Mesoporous Silica in Liquid Chromatography" Gallis, K. W.; Eklund, A. G.; Jull, S. T.; Araujo, J. T.; Moore, J. G.; Landry, C. C. Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis 2000, 129, 747-755.
  • "Controlled Cleavage of R8Si8O12 Frameworks: A Revolutionary New Method for Manufacturing Precursors to Hybrid Inorganic / Organic Materials"
  • Feher, F. J.; Soulivong, D.; Eklund, A. G. Chem. Comm., 1998, 3 , 399.
  • "Cross-metathesis of Alkenes with Vinyl-Substituted Silsesquioxanes and Spherosilicates: A New Method for Synthesizing Highly-Functionalized Si/O Frameworks." Feher, F. J.; Soulivong, D.; Eklund, A. G.; Wyndham, K. D Chem. Comm., 1997, 13, 1185-1186.
  • "Phosphine-Substituted Silsesquioxanes as Building Blocks for Organometallic Gels." Feher, F. J.; Schwab, J. J.; Phillips, S. H.; Eklund, A.; Martinez, E. Organometallics, 1995 , 14, 4452-4453.


Fall 2017, Awarded the Dr. Frank Goetz ’71 Professorship created in honor of Professor Wesley Bentz
Summer 2016, Awarded Joint Cole Chair in Chemistry with Professor Garrett J. McGowan
Spring 2016, Received AU Excellence in Teaching Award
Spring 2014, Received AU Excellence in Teaching Award
Spring 2011, Received AU Excellence in Teaching Award
Spring 2009, Received the 2009 AU Advisor of the Year Award from AU Student Senate
Spring 2009, Received AU Excellence in Teaching Award
Spring 2007 Received Ruth Berger Rubenstein Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching, top award in College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Spring 2005, Received AU Excellence in Teaching Award
2003-2004 AU Student Senate Excellence in Teaching Award
2002-2003 “Alfie” Award for Outstanding Faculty Contribution to Campus Life


Faculty Service 

Chair of CLAS Curriculum & Teaching Committee, Advisor to Forest People, Advisor to Student Affiliate Chapter of ACS

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