Xingwu Wang

Professor of Electrical Engineering
Renewable Energy Engineering
Inamori School of Engineering


  • BS: Electrical Engineering Harbin Naval Engineering Institute, 1978
  • MS: Physics Hangzhou University, 1981
  • PhD: Physics SUNY Buffalo, 1987

Specialties / Areas of Interest

  • Main focus is related to thin film coatings. Coating facility includes: 1. ion-assisted electron-beam deposition; 2. pulsed DC, DC and RF sputtering; and 3. RF plasma aerosol mist deposition. Thin film materials include oxides and nitrides. Substrate materials are single crystals, ceramics and glass. Substrate shapes can be flat, cylindrical and wire-like.

Research, Publications, & Presentations

Research & Publications

  • Ion-assisted electron beam deposition of oxide films.
  • Pulsed DC sputtering of nitride films.
  • RF plasma aerosol mist deposition of oxides.

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