Inclusive & Special Education

Take your teaching career to the next level of inclusion at Alfred

The Master's of Science in Education in Inclusive & Special Education is a professional certification program for teachers who hold the initial certificate in any teaching area. While the degree is in inclusive special education, the focus of the program is preparing teachers to infuse strategies such as universal design for learning, differentiated instruction, and humanistic behavior supports into instructional activities at any grade level or in any content area. The Alfred University Inclusive & Special Education program is an excellent opportunity for teachers in the Corning area who are employed in full-time positions and need to complete courses for the professional certificate.


Inclusive & Special Education (MS Ed)
  • SPED 540 – Inclusion and Students with Autism
  • SPED 542 – Collaboration and Advocacy with Schools & Families
  • SPED 543 – Introduction to Inclusive Schooling and Development
  • SPED 557 – Inclusive Curriculum and Instruction for Special Educators
  • SPED 564 – Environmental Design and Humanistic Supports
  • SPED 571 – Special Education Practicum
  • SPED 671 – Assessing and Evaluating Students with Disabilities
  • EDUC 503 – Competency in the Teaching of Literacy
  • EDUC 570 – Field Experience and Seminar
  • EDUC 604 – Diagnostic and Remedial Techniques in Literacy
  • EDUC 695 – Master’s Project

This program is an Alfred University program; students in the program are Alfred University students earning an Alfred University degree. All students accepted to Alfred University pay a non-refundable $200 enrollment deposit. The Fall application deadline is August 19th.

  • A minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0  
  • A bachelor’s degree
  • A minimum of six semester hours in each of the following subject areas: mathematics, English language arts, social studies and science 
  • Current New York State classroom teaching certification 
  • Graduate application 
  • Personal statement 
  • $60 application fee 
  • Undergraduate college transcript for every institution attended and degree level 
  • Graduate college transcripts for every institution attended 
  • 2 Letters of recommendation– applicants can submit traditional letters, have the recommender fill out a reference report found on the Alfred University website, or can submit both
  • Program interview

Upon completion of the program, the student is expected to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of differentiated, universally designed, and individually adapted assessment, curriculum, instruction, and behavior support for all students, particularly students with disabilities.

The MSEd in Inclusive & Special Education leads to initial certification in Students with Disabilities (all grades) and meets the requirements for professional certification in a student’s initial certification area.

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