Non-Matriculated Student Registration

Interested in registering for one of Alfred University's Allen Term (Winter Term) or Summer Term courses but you're not a current AU student? This form is for you.

Please note: Payment in the amount indicated at the bottom of the form or evidence of Financial Guarantee Government Assistance must be submitted for your registration to be accepted. Your registration will not be accepted and you will need to re-register if you do not successfully submit your payment or Financial Guarantee at this time.

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Course Selections
If you need a copy of the syllabi of a course be sure to email the instructor.

*Financial Responsibility
*Pre-requisite Requirements

Payment/Financial Guarantee Government Assistance

You must submit your Financial Guarantee Government Assistance or payment through CashNet for your registration to be processed. If it does not include one of these, you will need to start the registration process over.

CashNet Payment

On the next screen you will be taken to CashNet, our official secure payment website. Do not close your browser window until you have submitted payment.

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