Stock Transaction Procedures

For additional information or assistance, please call: Mark Riordan, Interim Vice President for University Advancement 607-871-2144.

To Transfer Stock By Mail:

To gift stock by mail, send the stock certificate (unsigned) and a signed stock power in separate envelopes to:

Mark Riordan
Interim Vice President for University Advancement
Alfred University
Saxon Drive
Alfred, NY 14802

To Transfer Stock Electronically:

  • Confirm with our account representative at Alesco Advisors, Samantha Bradley, your intentions to gift stock. Phone: 585-586-0970.
  • Alesco Advisors is Alfred University’s investment custodian who is assisting us in managing our investment accounts at Fidelity Investments.
  • Your broker should transfer the stock to:

    Alfred University Gift Account
    Fidelity Investments
    DTC # 0226
    Account Number 647-663484
    Reference: Alfred University
  • Absent instructions to the contrary, the stock will be sold upon receipt and the proceeds transferred to Alfred University, unless a pooled income fund gift is being created.