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Sep 16, 12:10 pm - 1:00 pm
Zoom Presentation
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Bergren Forum - Frederic Beaudry

The Bergren Forum sponsored by the Division of Human Studies, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Provost's Office. This presentation will be virtual, on Zoom, between 12:10 and 1:00 PM on Thursday, September 16th. We will go back to in-person forums once the University considers this sufficiently safe. The Zoom links can be obtained by emailing Marilyn Saxton at

Frederic Beaudry, "Counting Birds at 45, 68, and 71 North (And in Between)".  

Overall North American bird populations have experienced a staggering 30% loss since 1970, with many species experiencing much steeper declines. As part of a national effort to better understand bird population dynamics, Dr. Beaudry (Professor of Environmental Science) has been conducting bird surveys in Washington and Alaska. He will be sharing the thrills and challenges of field work under the Cascades' towering conifers and on the remote Arctic coastal plain.