Fractures: Glitched Digital Paintings, Micah Alhadeff, Turner Gallery, Catwalk, January 27th through February 3rd
Jan 27, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Harder Hall, Turner Gallery
Gallery or Show Opening


Micah Alhadeff

Glitched Digital Paintings
"Fractures: Glitched Digital Paintings" is a series of images that explore the intersection of digital painting and glitch processing techniques. The paintings in this collection were created using 3D programming and then processed using various glitch image-making techniques. I characterize these images as paintings because the process of making them is similar to collage or assemblage.I glitch the same image over and over using different methods, and then layer them using AdobePhotoshop. Some of the techniques I use to glitch these images include sonification, which is the process of using audio editing software to alter the appearance of images, as well as, creative coding, and hex editing, which is a technique that involves altering the source code of the image.The goal of this series is to showcase how glitch processing can be used as a painterly tool to create composition and form that connect the world of painting with digital art making.