Collaged image with family photos as a border, the central image is a picture of hands with taino symbols tattooed on the fourth finger of both hands. The font is all in red. Come and get your love, Leo Bonaccio, Celebrating Afro-Indigenous and Indigenous People, A solo show funded by the idea lab, Open April 14th 3:00-April 23rd, Harder Hall Idea Lab, Food and Refreshments will be provided on opening day
Apr 14, 3:00 pm - Apr 23, 7:00 pm
Harder Hall, Idea Lab - 2nd Floor
Gallery or Show Opening

Come And Get Your Love

Katt Villanueva and Leo Bonaccio

IDEA Lab is an overarching umbrella for cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment providing co-teaching and co-learning experiences as part of an Anti-Racist Program at the School of Arts and Design and Performing Arts Division in Alfred.

Come see Idea Lab host a solo show by Leo Bonaccio celebrating indigenous joy and love!

IDEA lab is for Social Justice & Cultural Diversity and is a space for/with People of Color, sexually marginalized communities and everyone who is interested in diversity and inclusive teaching/learning environment.