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Jun 26 - Jul 21, All Day

Make Art with Us this Summer

Alfred Summer Arts Workshops June 26 - July 22: 1 day & 1 week workshops in a variety of media areas designed for participants working at all levels: artists, teachers, community members and visiting professionals. 50% tuition discount for K-12 teachers / 25% discount for local residents.

50% tuition discount for K-12 teachers / 25% discount for local residents.


JUNE 26 - 30

Photography & Writing Kelsey Sucena A practical investigation of narrative strategies as an aspect of still photography and photo-related imagery.

Expanded VR: Experimental Practices for Immersive Media  Matthew Gantt Hands-on introduction to creating immersive VR and 3D environments.

Intro to 3D Printing Erin Taylor What to look for in a 3D printer, benchmark testing for better results, software for preparing models and printing, and curriculum integration for arts and engineering classrooms.

JULY 3 - 7 

Egg Tempera Painting Patrick Brennan Celebrate egg tempera’s rich history, learn to make homemade gesso panels, the characteristics of powdered pigments, and mix fresh paint

Intro to Wood Block Printing  Jacoub Reyes Draw, transfer, and carve onto wooden blocks; then print on paper using hand printing techniques

JULY 10 - 14

 ... Definitely the Moon (Sculpture+Photo) George Ferrandi Combine a Japanese technique for making illuminated paper sculpture (Nebuta) with long exposure photography/light painting.

 Music from the Other Side of the World Mingren (Morgan) Huang Experience folk songs, musical instruments, folk dances, and operas from China and other Asian countries.

JULY 17 - 21

 Color from Nature: An Experiential Leap into Applying Color to Yarns and Fabrics Natural Dyes  Debra MacCrea Visit a dye garden, learn to grown and forage dye plants, prepare dye and eco-print.

Experimental Printmaking  William Contino Development images utilizing the media of print, both traditional and digital.


Housed on an idyllic waterfront property, immerse yourself in nature, and work through the body to refresh or deepen creative practice.


Anatomy, Touch and Movement Repatterning Colleen Wahl & James Cornell, LMT Spend a week in Maine this summer with massage therapist, James Cornell and movement specialist, Colleen Wahl to learn anatomy, touch, and movement practices that will change how you experience and move your body. During this weeklong workshop, expect to deepen your understanding of the material of your body and how you can work with it in healthy ways. As you gain new insights into your body and how your body moves, you will also learn touch and massage skills to use on yourself and other people. Over the course of the week, create or supplement an already existing morning movement practice, and integrate touch skills into your practice.

AUGUST 14-18

Body, Landscape, and Creative Process Colleen Wahl Interested in working through your body to refresh or deepen your creative practice? Curious how immersive experiences in nature can inform what you are already working on and provide time and perspective on your work? Housed on an idyllic property in Harrington, ME, this weeklong, immersive experience is a hybrid residency-workshop designed to facilitate your creative process through somatic experiences and relevant outdoor excursions into Maine’s spectacular landscape. Notice the spreading of the five rays of your toes as you read this. Let that ground you. Begin each morning with a guided movement practice that connects you to your body and deepens your understanding of the material body. Based on the explorations in body and movement we will enjoy an excursion into the natural world. Your spreading feet will notice their buoyancy on a moderate hike to the summit of a nearby mountain, or they rest in the sun and wind on the rocks of a hidden Acadia beach. As part-residency, there each day will include open time for you to work in your chosen modality, read, or reflect, as well as time in community of other participants to share your work and reflections.



Pattern & Color on Thrown and Handbuilt Terracotta   Adero Willard


Formulating and Firing Reduction in-Glaze Lusters Stephanie Hanes

Plein Air Painting  Patrick Brennan


Large Vessels & Surface Decoration for Functional Pottery  Sanam Emami


Eco-Printing on Fabric & Paper  Debra MacCrea