abstracted photographs on a field of bright pink and bright blue
Sep 11 - Sep 24, All Day
Harder Hall, Lobby
Gallery or Show Opening

FRAGMENTS, Kika Nikolela - TSI/Harland Snodgrass Gallery

The solo show FRAGMENTS proposes a conversation between 3 recent video pieces by Kika Nicolela that approach the fictional processes of memory construction and its image representation.

Kika Nicolela began working over a decade ago with homemade films and family albums. She is interested in the relationship between memory, image representation of memory, and family album. And the ways all these intertwine in a fictional construction that is in a continuous movement. It’s a porous process, affected also by the evolution in the technology to capture our precious moments : from long exposure photo portraits, passing by homemade films and videos, then mobile phones (selfies, social media) and now AI.

On view 9/11/2023 - 9/24/2023