Event Poster for Sierra "SICASSO" Jasmin's "Psychedelic Portals: AI in Living Color" on view at TSI/ Harland Snodgrass Feb 12th - 19th.
Feb 12 - Feb 26, All Day
Harder Hall, TSI Harland Snodgrass Gallery
Gallery or Show Opening

Psychedelic Portals: Curated by Kameo Chambers

Our first show in our Black Artist series at TSI/ Harland Snodgrass Gallery is "Psychedelic Portals: AI in Living Color" by Sierra "SICASSO" Jasmin @sicasso1 on view at TSI/Harland Snodgrass Gallery Feb 12th - 19th!

"Psychedelic Portals: AI in Living Color" is an Afro-futuristic exploration blending tradition and innovation with 70's inspired design. Through the infusion of AI, vivid hues and patterns from the past are reborn. This multi-channel video installation houses portals to alternate dimensions where stylistic echoes of the 70's ring in the future."Psychedelic Portals" is an immersive experience, not just an exhibition, sparking a dialogue about the evolving relationship between humanity and technology.

Curated by Kameo Chambers @kameorealm
@expanded_media_nysccThe third exhibition in the TSI Harland Snodgrass Gallery will take place from February 12th and February 26th.

This show will be on display 24/7 through February 26th.

Time Space Interface (TSI) Harland Snodgrass Gallery is located in the lobby level of Harder Hall on the Alfred University campus. Harland Snodgrass was founder of the Media Program in the School of Art & Design and was an original faculty member of the School’s Foundations program. He served as professor of painting and video arts from 1969-85. A rotating series of exhibitions are on view in the TSI Harland Snodgrass Gallery in Harder Hall throughout each semester, curated by faculty and graduate students in the Division of Expanded Media and the Electronic Integrated Arts MFA program.