Jun 24 - Jun 28, All Day

1 Week Summer Workshops: 6/24 - 6/28

Ceramic Science for the Artist: "Cone 6" 6/24 - 6/28 and Stone Lithography 6/24 - 6/28

Ceramic Science for the Artist: "Cone 6" 6/24 - 6/28

This five day intensive course will focus on glaze chemistry through lectures, demonstrations, and lab work. We will focus on cone 6, but the knowledge gained can be applied to all firing temperatures. Participants will invent formulas, mix test batches, and fire glazes on a daily basis. By mapping results on the Stull chart, you will learn how to understand and manipulate chemistry to create new glazes. Additionally, there will be time to discuss and solve some of those stubborn glaze defect problems.

Stone Lithography 6/24 - 6/28

The course will be structured around morning demonstrations followed by time for working with guidance. Additional evening hours for work would be highly beneficial as stone lithography is a slow process when you are first learning. We will cover: Preparing a stone, drawing on a stone using crayons and tusche - other media as time allows, processing a stone for printing, printing an edition using either the direct presses or offset press in the printshop.