Jul 08 - Jul 19, All Day

Hand Turned Ceramics: Pinch Pots with Paul Briggs 7/8 - 7/19

Hand Turned Ceramics is an intermediate pinch-forming workshop. In this workshop participants will learn to move clay in a fashion similar to how it is pulled up on the wheel but using only their hands.

Much patience will be needed to learn this technique and some experience with pinch-forming and/or other clay experience is recommended. Hand turned ceramics will take students beyond the usual 3” pinch-formed pot as participants will learn to pinch up to 5lbs of clay, growing a pot from one ball of clay without adding or subtracting any material. Firing will be mid-range oxidation and soda-firing.

Some pinching experience will help all participants who are new to this unique process. Hand-building experience will also support each participant, but primarily patience and slowing down will help participants to fully engage with the process and content.