CampDoc Registration Instructions

Registration Section - Part One

  • Navigate to the CampDoc website. (we support the current and previous major releases of Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari)
  • Select “Sign Up” to start creating your online profile with CampDoc and start your registration process for AU’s Summer Programs.
  • Once you’ve created your profile with CampDoc, it will take you to the “Registration Page.” Here you’ll select “Register for a New Session.”
  • Please select the grade the participant will be entering in Fall 2022. This will show the sessions available.
  • Once you have selected the chosen sessions, please click “Continue.”
  • CampDoc does offer travel and emergency medical protection plan. Please note, this is an optional purchase. If you are not interested, please select “Decline”. This is available for optional purchase at a later time if you decide at a later date to purchase.
  • This will then take you to the payment section. You will see your total price and the total that is due today.
  • Once you have submitted your payment, you’ll select “Register” at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Should you need to cancel a registration, log into CampDoc and click on “Registration.” This will take you to the list of institutes/camps you have registered for. Click on the institute/camp under “Upcoming Registrations” and then select the one you need to cancel.

Health Forms - Part Two

  • The next step into being fully registered for AU Summer Programs is to complete the required health forms for the participant. CampDoc will guide you from page to page, but you can always select “Health Profile” to get back to the main Health Forms page.
  • Your information will save automatically and you are able to return back to your Health Profile to complete at a later time. You will receive automatic emailed reminders to complete the participant's health profile until it is 100% completed.
  • To the right of the screen will show the information needed. If you see a red dot that means information has yet to be completed. If you see a green check then that means you’ve completed that section of the health profile.