Institutional Research

Vision Statement

The Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness will lead by example in providing excellent service to the University Community in supporting assessment, data reporting and analysis, and in advocating institution-wide use of data to improve student success.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness (OIR&E) reflects its overall function of supporting and coordinating assessment, strategic decision making and planning across the University.

The Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness at Alfred University furthers student learning outcomes by conducting research and analysis to support decision making and sustainable planning across the University.

IRE Office Goals and Objectives:

IRE Goal 1: Sustain a comprehensive institutional assessment process, including measures related to the College’s Mission, Goals, and meaningful learning outcomes to support continuous improvement initiatives.

  • IRE Objective 1.1: Uphold a culture of ongoing commitment to strategic planning and assessment, including a process for updating the Strategic Plan every year. Support an organized, sustained planning and assessment effort throughout the College for continuous process improvement and planning for new models of educational delivery and revenue.
  • IRE Objective 1.2: Consult with and assist college departments to enhance the program review process and provide assessment for improved student learning outcomes while continually monitoring and coordinating the cyclical program review process.
  • IRE Objective 1.3: Provide supporting data to assess and evaluate all credit and non-credit program reviews, action plans and outcomes assessment.
  • IRE Objective 1.4: Develop needed assessment tools, including setting outcomes for academic and institutional areas and creating surveys.
  • IRE Objective 1.5: Consult with departments to create periodic trend reports and key performance indicators for dashboards as evidence of closing the loop on assessment, planning and budget allocation.
  • IRE Objective 1.6: Generate and disseminate data in a usable format utilizing industry standard reporting tools while providing appropriate research and analytical support to assist college policymakers and planners in the college’s quest for continuous quality improvement.
  • IRE Objective 1.7: Create linkages between strategic planning imperatives, college goals, Institutional Effectiveness Indicators (IEI’s) and institutional data.

IRE Goal 2: Provide accurate and current information to support the best possible judgments about resource allocation and return on internal investments for strategic thinking, data-driven decision making, institutional planning, and policy formation.

  • IRE Objective 2.1: Produce research reports which support objectives linking with college's Strategic Plan and Institutional Effectiveness Indicators (IEIs).
  • IRE Objective 2.2: Report on the demographic and statistical profiles of the college, its faculty, students and staff.
  • IRE Objective 2.3: Sustain centralized services for accessing timely information needed to perform the daily functions, assess operations and make strategic decisions.
  • IRE Objective 2.4: Institute high level reporting and operating analytics for strategic decision making.
  • IRE Objective 2.5: Utilize dashboards containing relevant data and information for all college functional areas to identify trends, examine processes and evaluate outcomes for data-driven decisions.
  • IRE Objective 2.6: Provide data and support for the formulation of the college budget, collective bargaining, and management activities.
  • IRE Objective 2.7: Adhere to the guidelines and deadlines to respond to SIRIS, IPEDS, SUNY, NYSED, and other federal and state agencies.

IRE Goal 3: Information systems will have the capacity and capability to collect and disseminate reliable institutional data in a responsive, timely, and ethical manner to adhere to internal and external accreditation mandates.

  • IRAAP Objective 3.1: In a central and accessible location, disseminate data and information which have been systematically gathered for the college to analyze, act upon and further support student learning outcomes and satisfaction to include provision of strategic planning initiatives, assessment activities and action plans to the college community.