Jordan Hall

Jordan Hall

  • Administration

Alfred University's Jordan Hall houses the President, Provost and Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Business and Finance, as well as the Business and Finance offices.

Statistics and History

  • Constructed: 1912
  • Financed by: Andrew Carnegie
  • Renamed Jordan Hall in Fall 2021 to honor James Jordan ’72, a longtime member of the Board of Trustees whose philanthropy has been at the forefront of the University’s campus beautification efforts.
  • In this building:

About this Facility

Former Alfred University student Melvil Dewey, originator of the Dewey Decimal System that was used by many libraries to classify their collections, and President Boothe Colwell Davis persuaded Andrew Carnegie to fund the construction of the building as a library. When the University's collection outgrew the space, Jordan Hall (then Carnegie Hall) was converted to administrative offices.