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November 13 - 19, 2023 This Week in the Arts

Public events in the School of Art & Design + Performing Arts Division, week of November 13-19, 2023. All events are free and open to the public.

November 16, 4:30pm Arts Speaker Series Living in the Vitrine: Animals, Art and the Anthropocene
Lecture by Meg Boulton
Nevins Theater

This talk brings together a set of objects and artworks, including collections of taxidermy and natural history, the Blaschka glass models, photographic works by Hiroshi Sugimoto and Diane Fox, alongside material ecocritical thinking and to ask what it might mean to deliberately de- and dis- and re-place displayed natural and animal forms across periods in the guise of ‘knowing’ at this particular temporal moment; and, in turn, what a material and eco-critical reappraisal of perceived encyclopaedic epistemologies of the visual might do to our engagement with this material, at a moment when the environment, and widespread environmental shifts, is very much the epicenter of our social gaze.

Sponsored by the Divisions of Art history, Sculpture Dimensional Studies and the Visiting Artists and Scholars Committee

Alfred Art Walk

Thursday, November 16, 5-8

6-8pm End of Semester Pop-Up Sale Harder Hall Lobby

6-8pm Opening Receptions Robert C. Turner Gallery


Ashley Lyon: Super Real & Reuben Nakian: The Impassioned Gesture Alfred Ceramic Art Museum.

MY CHINOISERIE by Amy Lee Ketchum Brett Llewellyn Art Gallery 312 Engineering Technology Building Alfred State College. Gallery Hours

Ceramic Alumni Invitational Cohen Gallery Gallery

Alfred Sound Field: Audible Arrangements: & various locations within Alfred University.

Free Dimensional  Fosdick-Nelson Gallery


A Black man sits in the center of the composition. The portrait is in black and white and surrounded by graphic rectangles of color. Artist is included in the lower right. Logos for the National Endowment for the Arts, The New York State Council on the Arts, and the Schein-Joseph Endowment are on the bottom.Friday, November 17, 4:30pm Nevins Theater Current IEA artist in residence Clarence Heyward will be giving a talk about his life and practice on Friday.

Heyward is a painter and collagist whose work explores notions of the Black American experience, primarily focusing on how the use of media and historical documentation is used to shape perceptions of Black American culture. His work investigates cultural truths, challenges stereotypes, and examines identity.


Friday, November 17, 7:30pm Fall Orchestra Concert Miller Theatre The AU Symphony Orchestra presents soloist Monica Nowick

Saturday, November 18, 4pm Sara Badeau Senior Music Recital Union University Church

Sunday, November 19, 3pm Music Student Recital Miller Theatre.

Saturday, November 18, 4-7pm Alfred's Ring of Fire An interactive showcase of Alfred University combustive arts including demos in glass and interactive opportunities in Raku ceramics and metal casting on Cushing Alley (Outdoor Kiln Pavillion, Foundry, Hot Shop)


Every Friday 5:30pm Open Draw Brick Basement