Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a GPA requirement to apply?
No! Be able to take a hold of any experience you’re able to during your college career to better your chances of you landing your dream job.

What types of experiences does APEX not fund?
Conferences do not qualify for APEX funding.

Is there an essay required to apply?
No! A proposal is needed on your application AND sent to specific faculty for experiences that involve research on humans, animals or chemicals.

Do I need to keep my receipts for the items I purchase with my APEX funding?

Can I use APEX funds more than once?
APEX is an one-time funding program.

Can I use APEX to replace my check for an unpaid opportunity OR a paid experience?
Yes and yes! You can use the funds for housing/rent, travel, food, materials, professional clothing, etc. Some things do not apply if you are completing an experience in-town or on-campus, such as items that are covered by your personal financial aid package.

What experiences qualify for funding?
The experience must include at least 45 hours of work, with 2 people in supervisory and advisory roles to vouch for your experience. Refer to the APEX Work Experience list.

How do I receive the funding?
Two installments are issued by the Business Office via check or direct deposit: $700 up-front with and the final $300 after your experience ends. *Study Abroad experiences and Global Experiences receive the full $1000 up-front via their student account.