BFA Thesis Exhibitions

fall 2020

Harder Hall, 3rd Floor

COVID-19 restrictions for visitors were in place for this showing

Candidates for the interdisciplinary BFA degree from the School of Art and Design at the NYS College of Ceramics show their work in a diverse number of mediums & genres including ceramics, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, video, sonic arts, interactive media, interactive graphic design & drawing.

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Paige Citarella

COMMON * IDENTITY  Like art, food has the ability to bring people together. It plays such a large role in our society and seems to be the epicenter of every social gathering. From small intimate moments to large scale...

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Gillian D'Ambrosia

The world is bleak and there’s no hope for the future. There is no purpose to continue, or to be here now, and there was no purpose to be here before. There is nothing to look forward to. ...however, maybe that...

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Brigitte Denome

CERAMICS I love that clay has the ability to take any shape, through many methods. Clay allows me to feel more connected to the earth and all its elements. Creating ceramics allows me to express my personal touch...

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Ryan Isabelle

My experience in the art program has not been anything enlightening or profound. I would not call my specific education a success story. I would even go as far to say that not only do I hate art, but I also do not consider...

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Annie Ita

My work is an expression of my existential and personal pain through an escapist fantastical realm that I make real with clay and paint. I’m interested in character design, and in particular how to use character...

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Mikela Ryan

I was born female. As a child, I rejected my femininity. But as I've grown, I have been working to subvert this idea of the gender binary. My body of work is an exploration on my body, the bodies of others, and the kind of...

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