Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering First-Year Experience

The Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering First-Year Experience program is designed to help first year students transition smoothly into college from high school.

The School of Engineering at Alfred University prides itself on providing the best engineering education in all six of its major degree programs right from the start. Unlike most all other universities, Alfred University engineering programs immerse students into real engineering courses the first year, while encouraging personal accountability of students and emphasizing independence and time management skills as the key indicators to a successful college career in engineering.

Engineering 101, a four credit introductory course taught in the Fall, introduces students to core engineering problems identified as Engineering Grand Challenges by the National Academy of Engineering. The course is taught in a project-based learning environment with restricted class sizes, giving students an opportunity to learn in small groups and become acquainted with fellow classmates in their first semester of college.

First Year Seminar is a mandatory series of lectures offered both semesters in the first year. Lectures are varied and provide context to engineering students on all six engineering majors offered in the school.

All first-year students also have early exposure to Alfred University libraries, facilities, and support services. Additionally, each student is assigned to a small group of academic advisors with expertise in the student's declared field of study (ceramic, glass science, renewable, etc.).