"What I most relish about the Alfred University community is the commitment to creativity, combined with the grounded, rigorous, and playful work ethic that permeates the culture here."

- Colleen Wahl


  • Master’s Degree in Fine Arts in Dance, State University of New York at Brockport
  • Master’s Degree in Liberal Studies, State University of New York Empire State College
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Dance and Arts Education, William Smith College
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Specialties / Areas of Interest

  • Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies
  • Masculinity and Movement
  • Gender Performativity


Wahl co-directs Integrated Movement Studies, a Graduate Certification Program on Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis and is the associate producer of the Marlin Miller Dance Residency Program. Her book, "Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies: Contemporary Applications" integrates Laban/Bartenieff theory with an embodied and practical approach that encourages the reader to gain new awareness of movement in their life. She coauthors a monthly Integrated Movement Studies article with Janice Meaden. Other articles include a series of fitness columns for Epoch Times, a section of Karen Schupp’s text Studying Dance: A Guide to Campus and Beyond, and a chapter in Inhabiting the Meta-Visual: Contemporary Performance Theories.

Her quirky choreography includes "Foot in the Door" an evening length multi-media community dance project at the 2015 Rochester Fringe Festival exploring the working body in late-capitalism, a series of community dance projects such as “my(inter)face” performed at Triskelion Arts and Webster Hall, and a solo series “Portraits of Women Doing their Best.”

Wahl’s research focuses on applying Laban/Bartenieff to shed light on how movement is meaningful throughout our human lives. In 2007, she founded a L/BMA-based somatic fitness business, Move Into Greatness, which allowed her to apply Laban/Bartenieff concepts in various contexts. In addition to her fitness focus, she has applied L/BMA in sports, business, and performing arts in diverse settings, including Cornell University (with their football team and the graduate school of management) and the Rochester Institute of Technology’s National Technology Institute for the Deaf. She maintains a private movement education practice in which she works one-on-one with clients.

Wahl holds a master’s degree in fine arts in dance from State University of New York at Brockport, a master’s degree in liberal studies from State University of New York Empire State College, and a bachelor’s degree in dance and arts education from William Smith College. She is a Certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst (CLMA) through Integrated Movements Studies, a Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME) through the International Somatic Movement Educators and Therapists Association and a personal trainer certified (CPT) by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Research, Publications, & Presentations

Research & Publications

  • 2018 Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies: Contemporary Applications. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2018
  • 2016 “Live From New York: Movement Performance and the Representation of American Heteronormativity” chapter in Inhabiting the Meta Visual: Contemporary Performance Themes. Interdisciplinary Press, 2016
  • 2020 “Integrating Meditation and Dance Movement Work.” Buddhism and Culture. Volume 1 2020. Also translated into Korean.
  • 2016 – present Integrated Movement Studies Newsletter. Editor. 41 Articles on Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies with Janice Meaden. Published on imsmovement.com.


  • NYSDEA Dance Researcher Award 2020
  • Outstanding Graduate Student, The College at Brockport, School of Arts and Humanities 2015
  • Bill Evans Award for Embodied Scholarship 2014
  • Nat Goodhartz Award for Dance Science 2013

Affiliations & Memberships

  • Integrated Movement Studies, USA
  • Internal Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist Association, USA
  • National Dance Educators Organization, USA
  • New York State Dance Educators Association, USA
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA


  • Started the boxing club
  • Co-teaching AU Dance Theater and Costume Design for Dance
  • fiber arts, rock climbing, cycling

Professional Experience

  • Founder and Owner of Move Into Greatness
  • Certified Personal Trainer

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