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Performing Arts Division

Our Performing Arts Division creates opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration, innovative education and world-class performances. We will give you the experience, knowledge, and skills needed to excel. Our faculty will guide your development as a performer and train you to be a 21st-century artist.

Program Major Minor Degree Additional Info
Dance Unavailable Available
Music Available Available BA
Performance Design and Technology Unavailable Available
Theatre Available Available BA

BA - Bachelor of Arts BS - Bachelor of Science BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts

* Corning Community College degree completion program

Program Masters Doctorate Certificate Additional Info

MA - Master of Arts MS - Master of Science MS Ed - Master of Science in Education MBA - Master of Business Administration MFA - Master of Fine Arts MPA - Master of Public Administration

PhD- Doctorate of Philosophy PsyD- Doctorate of Psychology

CAS- Certificate of Advanced Study

* Corning Community College degree completion program

** CITE / New York City Low Residency Program

Performing Arts Student Stories

Jason Dearing

*Props* to you, Jason! (Sculpture/Dimensional Studies, Performance Design Tech)

"Combining my interests in fine art and theater, I seek to blur the line that has long separated the two areas by employing my traditional art skills and knowledge into my theatrical design work."

Jason Dearing, 2016
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