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The American Art Therapy Association (AATA) is the official governing body for professional art therapy programs and development. In order to become an art therapist, one must complete an AATA approved graduate art therapy program. The AATA approves schools' graduate art therapy programs on an individual basis. Unapproved schools cannot give out art therapy degrees. AATA does not dictate requirements for undergraduate programs, aside from recommending 18 credits in Studio Art, and 12 credits in Psychology which must include: an Abnormal Psychology course, a Cognitive or Social Development course, and an Introduction to Psychology course.


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Pre-Professional Advising

Pre-Art Therapy Advising

Alfred University does not currently offer a graduate program in art therapy, however, the following is a comprehensive sequence of courses that Alfred University offers to prepare students planning to apply to an art therapy graduate program (without having to fulfill requirements for a BFA degree and a Psychology minor).

Studio Art Coursework

Eighteen (18) credits in studio art - can be attained through the BFA degree.

Psychology Coursework

Twelve (12) credits in psychology - can be attained through the Psychology major, Psychology minor, or standalone Psychology courses.

Course Description

  • PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology - 4 credits
  • PSYC 261 or PSYC 262 Cognitive Development or Social Development - 4 credits
  • PSYC 342 Abnormal Psychology - 4 credits
    Note: Art Education minors are excellent candidates for an art therapy sequence since they automatically fulfill the AATA mandate of 18 credits in Studio Art, needing only to fulfill the 12 credits in Psychology specified above.

Additional Coursework

For students who wish to delve more deeply into art therapy-related areas of study, Alfred University also offers the following relevant courses.

Course Description

  • PSYC 389 Introduction to Art Therapy - 3 credits
  • PSYC 471 Child Psychopathology - 3 credits (pre-requisite: PSYC 261, 262, 342, or permission of instructor)
  • PSYC 341 Theories of Personality - 4 credits
  • PSYC 210 Communication and Counseling Skills - 2 credits
  • EDUC 491 Methods in Art Education - 3 credits ( pre-requisite: EDUC 230 or EDUC 231Pre- or Co-req: EDUC 345; Educ minor)
  • SPED 456 Human Development: Exceptionalities - 3 credits ( pre-requisite: EDUC 230 or EDUC 231 or permission of instructor)
    Note: some of the courses listed above are only offered on an intermittent basis. Students should verify offerings prior to registration.
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