Pre-Health Chiropracty Advising

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Pre-Professional Advising

Pre-Health Chiropracty Advising

Students aspiring to be chiropractors generally share the following characteristics:

  • Care deeply about other people, their problems, and their pain;
  • Use their skills and knowledge to help people;
  • Enjoy learning and gaining new understanding;
  • Are interested in how the human body functions;
  • Are intrigued by the ways in which medicine can be used to improve life.
  • Timeline - Students should refer to Alfred University's Pre-Health Timeline and Checklist (below) to assist them in career planning.
  • College Major and Required Courses - There is no specific major that is required, or that is "best" to pursue. Medical schools are looking for well-educated and well-rounded individuals. Students should complete the Checklist to be sure that they have met all requirements.
  • Extracurricular activities are a very important part of the applicant's materials. Most medical schools place emphasis on volunteer community service. Some volunteer experience in a medical setting is a must. Undergraduate research is a plus.
  • It is important to get to know faculty members so that they can write appropriate letters of recommendation. The Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee at Alfred University can prepare a Pre-Medical Committee Letter for students.

Most medical schools accept applications through the American Medical Colleges Application Service. This application should be submitted in the summer before your last year in college and can be downloaded from the AMCAS website.


A major in a science field with plenty of exposure to liberal arts.

The minimum course requirements for most U.S. Chiropractic Colleges are listed below with their AU equivalent courses. You should check the websites of specific schools you plan to apply to for more information.

Liberal Arts
Checkbox Course AU Equivalent
English ENGL 101
English ENGL 102
English PSYC 101
Math/Statistics (requirements vary by school)
Checkbox Course AU Equivalent
Math Any MATH (not statistics)
Checkbox Course AU Equivalent
Physics I PHYS 111 or 125
Physics II PHYS 112 or 126
Checkbox Course AU Equivalent
General Chemistry I CHEM 105
General Chemistry II CHEM 106
Organic Chemistry I CHEM 315
Organic Chemistry II CHEM 316
Checkbox Course AU Equivalent
Biological Foundations (requirement for Biology sequence) BIOL 150
Cell Biology BIOL 211
Structure and Function BIOL 213
Anatomy & Physiology I BIOL 307
Anatomy & Physiology II BIOL 308

Additional Required or Relevant Coursework

For additional requirements, consult the website of specific schools and programs; suggested classes include pharmacology, biomechanics, speech, and communication. Also consult Council on Chiropractic Education for more information.


Unlike other pre-health professional schools, chiropractic colleges do not require any health-care experience. However, you may need a letter of recommendation from a chiropractic professional for some schools (including for the EAP at the University of Bridgeport).

Entrance Exam

None required.


You should consider applying to several programs. Each program has a limited number of seats available, and selection criteria and patterns may vary from year to year according to the individual program’s philosophy. Each school will have its own application process.

Early Acceptance Program (EAP)

Alfred University has a special Early Acceptance Program that grants qualified students a provisional early acceptance to University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic. Within in the first two years at Alfred, a student must submit a letter of intent for the program. A minimum GPA of a 3.0 is required and a major in Athletic Training, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, or Environmental Studies. Merit scholarships are available and provided based on GPA. Students apply for admission to UBCC at the beginning of their senior year.

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