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Now offering a 3+3 program in partnership with two area law schools

Prepare for a career in law with Alfred University's Pre-Law Advising curriculum. We now offer a 3+3 program with matriculation into two partnering area law schools: University at Buffalo School of Law and Syracuse University College of Law.


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Pre-Law Advising

Why Pre-Law Advising at AU?

Hands-On Learning

Alfred University offers pre-law students a variety of opportunities for extended learning experiences through internships, study abroad, volunteer activities, semesters in Washington, DC, or independent research.

3+3 Curriculum

We have signed partnerships with both University at Buffalo School of Law and Syracuse University College of Law, providing AU students a clearly defined path to earning both a BA and a JD.

Mix and Match

Alfred University is ideally suited to providing students interested in pre-law with a well-balanced education because they are able to take courses outside their major and in different colleges within the University as well.

Strategic Partnerships Mean Time and Cost Savings

In partnerships with University at Buffalo School of Law and Syracuse University College of Law, AU is pleased to announce a new 3+3 Accelerated BA-JD program. Qualified undergraduate students at Alfred University now have the opportunity to earn both their undergraduate and law degrees in just six years of full-time study, saving them one full year of time and tuition.

University of Buffalo School of Law           Syracuse University College of Law


Pre-law students must maintain high academic standards with a rigorous course load. While taking extensive "law" classes as undergraduate is not necessary preparation to go on to law school, students are encouraged to take a few classes which expose them to legal issues. Classes in logic, accounting, and basic political science are frequently recommended, however there are many appropriate courses offered in the social sciences, history, business, and philosophy as well.

The pre-law program at Alfred University is centered around quality advising for interested students rather than a prescribed curriculum. Pre-law advisors represent different divisions within Alfred University and are accessible to all interested students, regardless of major. We effectively prepare students from a wide variety of majors for law school through:

  • Effective advising by a team consisting of a pre-law and a major advisor, typically beginning in the sophomore year
  • Tailoring course work for law school preparation
  • Development of strong reasoning and communication skills
  • Establishing an understanding of what shapes human experience

Mix and match your pre-law courses with classes from all of our colleges and schools to create a discipline unique to your career goals. For example:

  • Engineering students can take business and English classes with a goal of becoming a patent lawyer
  • Art students can supplement studio work with aesthetics and philosophy with a possible career as an advocate for artists
  • Environmental studies majors can take communications and political science classes for preparation as a lobbyist

A Public Law minor is offered at Alfred University consisting of four core political science classes (Intro to American Politics, Judicial Processes, Constitutional Law, and Civil Liberties) and one additional upper level class.

Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)

The LSAT must be taken, typically before applying to law school; it is typically taken in October of the senior year. Pre-law students prepare for the LSAT in their junior year. Structured practice sessions focusing on various strategies for the exam are provided. Guest speakers in the field of law, many of whom are Alfred alums, give presentations throughout the year on legal issues.

Law School

Alfred University graduates have attended law school at Harvard University, Cornell University, Georgetown University, Case Western, University of Richmond, University of Colorado, University of Buffalo, Syracuse University and SUNY Albany. The Law School Admissions Council provides valuable information for those thinking about pre-law programs and law school choices.

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